3 Nutritious Vegetarian Breakfasts to Boost Your Morning Performance

As you all know by now having a nutritious breakfast each day can massively impact your performance, both for your fitness endeavours and also in your day to day tasks. Having no breakfast or having a bad breakfast, can negatively impact your health and mood. Which will not get you to the top of your game in both your fitness goals and career-wise. To improve your chances, you need to have a good breakfast that is both filling, and energy boosting. There are other reasons why a nutritious breakfast is an important step to a successful day.

If you already know why you should have a good breakfast each morning and just here for breakfast inspiration, you can scroll down to 3 tasty breakfasts, that will power up your performance

4 Reasons to Have A Nutritious Breakfast

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Having a delicious and nutritious breakfast each day is necessary to boost brain function. It helps to improve your concentration and boost your productivity throughout the day. 

Eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast keeps your blood sugar levels stable, so you reduce your chances of energy dips, as well as reducing the likeliness of overeating throughout the day. 

Starting each day with a good breakfast will help boost your metabolism, which is perfect if you are trying to lose weight, and will improve your health and fitness. 

There have been studies that show that eating a nutritious breakfast each day, means you consume more vitamins, minerals, and fibre.  Which means your body will be in good condition for you to focus on your life goals. 

Have these 4 reasons got you excited about changing up your routine to add breakfast to your morning? Yes? Perfect! Now, as you have gathered not every breakfast is created equally, and you will need one that is nutritionally balanced, to power up your day. A nutritious breakfast should consist of carbs, protein, and fibre, and you should certainly bypass any breakfasts that have high sugar content. 

Now, if you usually forgo breakfast because you feel like you don’t have time to make it. Never fear, I have put together 3 nutritious breakfast that will power up your fitness routine and will give you extreme performance throughout the day. 

3 Nutritious Vegetarian Breakfasts to Boost Your Morning Performance

Energy Boosting Toast

Toast is quick and easy to make, but can be extremely boring and with the wrong toppings, not as good for you as you’d think. However, with the right toppings, you can create an energy boosting breakfast, that will keep you going until lunch. Let’s take Fig, Ricotta and Sesame Seeds on top of wholewheat toast for example. It’s full of fibre from the figs and wholewheat bread and full of protein from the Ricotta cheese and Sesame Seeds. Not to mention the carbs from both the natural sugars in the figs and bread. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to make. 

Powerful Vegetarian Apple Cinnamon Baked Porridge Cups

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This one takes a bit of preparation, but if you already meal prep lunch or dinner for the week, adding a meal prepped Apple Cinnamon Baked Porridge Cups won’t add too much to your routine. You can make these at the weekend and you will be able to eat them throughout the week. They are full of energy-boosting oats, protein from the eggs or flax-eggs if you are vegan, carbs from the natural sugars in the apples, plus Ceylon cinnamon, which can lower blood sugar levels, as well as being an anti-inflammatory. 

Healthy Vegan Breakfast Burritos 

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Another nutritious breakfast that takes a bit of work is the Healthy Vegan Breakfast Burritos, it’s worth the work, but if you are time poor, it would make the perfect weekend breakfast. It’s full of scrambled tofu, with lard-free refried beans, and veggies, all wrapped up in a single tortilla. This breakfast is full of protein, carb, healthy fats and fibre, helping you power up your weekend fitness plans.

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